To the Users of the Adventures of Link Wiki:

I just came on here, and I made a page, along with editing my own user... take a look at my User page to find out who I am. :)

However being new to this site, I have experience in Wiki on Halo Nation (As far as Role-Playing) And Crossoverrp (Where all my characters are made). So it won't take long to get used to this wiki. All I need to do is to meet the users and their Characters, And I'm good to go!

Also be aware that I have learned a lot in the Past... I have made many mistakes, the Biggest of which was quite recently with the User: Ultimate Ninja Master (Whom I believe to be the Founder of this Wiki). I wish to patch things up with him, and to become friends again; along with getting to know the Rest of you! :)

Thanks for taking your time in reading this.